This post will be used for quick reference, and documenting purposes in a Blackboard MH environment. Some of these problems can be fixed manually, while others will require escalation to Blackboard engineers.

Error: SIS Integration Errors

An error occurred while processing CoursePersistOperation blackboard.persist.DuplicateBatchUidException: blackboard.persist.PersistenceException: A database error occurred.

Usually, you will find this error happening in your environment when there are courses that have been changed in your student information system, and not updating to blackboard.

Make sure to check your SIS environment variables to see how you handle BATCHUID’s, in our case BatchUID is required for insert, an invalid ID will skip the record. I do not believe there is a way for this to be changed in the configuration options in Blackboard.

Solution: Upload New SIS Feed File with Corrections

Usually, the course/user will be disabled when this error occurs. One way to fix this error is to provide a new feed file and update the object to the current UID from a new feed file.

Example CSV:

The above file should be exported as a CSV and added to the appropriate SIS integration.