What is Bayes Rule Formula?

The Bayes Rule formula is a method that utilizes the concept of probability of events based on a previous experience of the event. There are alternatives in building this method when an event is known or if it is unknown by adjusting the formula.

What does “maximum likelihood” means?

The maximum likelihood is the thought of estimating the parameters of a model. This process works to gain an understanding of the problem through a mathematical formula that estimates parameters to use in a process. The parameters are gathered from a perspective of observation of similar items.

What is Bayesian learning?

Bayesian learning is a technique using Bayes theory to update itself based on the probability of the occurrence. Bayesian learning operates on learning from prior experience to update its model accordingly.

What is a prior?

A prior is the notion of obtaining a probability with or without taking into account “prior” experience in a process.

What is posterior?